Is Your Cat Obese?

Do you know how to determine if your cat is obese? Obesity is a very common health problem in cats. In fact, almost half of America’s kitties are overweight! We all love to indulge our animal friends with treats and tidbits, but an improper diet and extra snacks can result in Fluffy packing on the pounds. Obesity can cause several serious health issues in our feline friends, including heart and liver problems, so it’s really in Kitty’s best interest to be kept at a healthy weight. In this article, your local Niwot veterinarian offers some quick ways to tell if Fluffy is really just fluffy, or if she’s actually overweight.


Can you feel your pet’s ribs and backbone? They shouldn’t be sticking out, but you should be able to feel them under a thin layer of skin and fat. If you can’t feel your furball’s ribs at all, she’s likely overweight!


It’s okay if Kitty’s belly droops a little bit, but if your feline friend’s tummy is really big and round, she could probably stand to drop a few pounds!


Look at your kitty from above. Does Fluffy have a waist? If the shape your cat makes is more like an oval or circle, there’s a good chance you’ve got a pudgy pet on your hands!


Can you feel your kitty’s shoulder bones? What about the bones near the base of her tail? If they are protruding, your furball likely needs to gain weight, but if all you’re feeling is Kitty’s fat, your feline friend may be obese.

What To Do If Your Cat Is Obese

If Fluffy has failed the above tests, it’s time to make some changes in her eating habits. We can recommend a sound nutritional plan that will get your furbaby back on the right track. One thing that may be contributing to Kitty’s weight is dry food. Dry kibble is very high in carbs, which can contribute to weight gain. Putting Fluffy on a canned food diet may help. Whatever you do, be sure to make changes slowly. Never put your cat on a crash diet. Kitties can get very sick from losing weight too fast!

Did your furball fail the fat tests? Contact us for an examination and consultation. As your local Niwot vet clinic, we have been serving our clients’ veterinary care needs since 1946!

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