How to Manage a Finicky Cat

Do you have a finicky feline on your hands? Kitties are definitely very opinionated little furballs, and can be quite picky about their food. In this article, a local Niwot, CO vet offers advice on dealing with a fussy feline.

Keeping Kitty Healthy

As noted, our feline friends can be very picky. A cat that has little or no interest in food, however, could be sick. If Fluffy has lost her appetite, or if you’re not sure if she’s being finicky or feeling ill, contact your vet immediately. Cats can get very sick if they go for more than a day without eating, so don’t wait!

Fussy Felines

If your vet has given Fluffy the all-clear, then it’s time to move on to strategies for dealing with your fussy furball. See if you can pinpoint why your furry friend is being so picky. Is she attached to a specific brand? Mix a little of the new brand with her old favorite, then gradually change the proportions. Are you changing from dry to wet food? Try sprinkling a little dry food on top of the canned food. Remember, whenever you change Fluffy’s menu, do so slowly, and only after speaking to your vet.

Dinner Rules

Cats can be very particular, not just about their food, but about when and how they eat. Feed Fluffy at specific times, to give her time to get hungry. If you have multiple cats, each furball their own separate bowl, and feed them at the same time.

Choose Appealing Food

In the wild, cats always eat their prey fresh. Fluffy will turn her nose up at anything that smells even a bit off. If your kitty is turning away the cheaper food, try moving up to a better-quality brand. It may cost a bit more, but throwing away uneaten food also gets expensive! Mixing a little canned tuna or chicken into your cat’s food may also help.

Things To Avoid

A sprinkle of kibble is okay, but beyond that, mixing wet and dry cat food can be risky, as it can invite harmful bacteria into your feline friend’s dish. Unless your vet specifically recommends it, don’t mix wet and dry foods together.

Do you have questions about your cat’s diet? Contact us, your Niwot, CO vet clinic, anytime! We have been dedicated to providing excellent veterinary service since 1946.

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