Traveling with Your Reptile Pet

Are you leaving on a family vacation or trip soon? If you plan on taking your reptile pet with you, you’ll need to make sure he stays safe. Learn how below from your Niwot, CO veterinarian.

Gather What You’ll Need

Make sure you have all the necessary supplies together before leaving on your trip. You’ll need a safe carrier device, food, water, dishes, bedding, heat lamps or rocks, and any medications your pet takes. It’s also a good idea to have your veterinarian’s number on hand during your trip, as well as the numbers and addresses of veterinarians along your route and at your destination in case your pet needs emergency care.

Keep Reptile in the Carrier

It’s safest to keep your reptile pet in their carrier at all times during your trip. Secure the carrier itself in the backseat of your car using the seatbelt or a few bungee cords. It’s helpful to have a family member sit beside the carrier to steady it and provide your reptile with anything he needs during the trip.

Monitor During the Ride

Make sure to periodically check on your reptile throughout your ride. As soon as you see any signs of agitation, stress, or sickness, pull over to tend to your pet. Schedule a few stops along your route in order to check your pet’s food and water levels and give him a break from the car ride.

Destination Check

It’s very important to check your destination before you leave home—many hotels and motels won’t allow cats and dogs, much less a reptile pet! You don’t want to arrive at your destination only to find out that your scaly friend isn’t welcome. Do some research online to find hotels that accept reptilian pets.

Flying with Reptiles

Planning on taking an airplane to reach your destination? Be sure to check the airline’s policies on pets. Some allow them, and some don’t. Those that do allow pets will have specific restrictions and requirements for reptiles; they’ll need to be in a secure cage, and likely will ride in the plane’s cargo area rather than with you in the cabin.

It’s a good idea to have your reptile examined by a veterinary professional to make sure they’re in full health before leaving with them on a trip. If your pet needs a checkup, set up an appointment at your Niwot, CO animal hospital today.

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