How to Give Your Dog a Pill

It’s a safe bet that your canine companion will have to take medication or supplements in pill form at one point or another. As you know if you’ve tried administering a pill to your dog before, it’s not as easy as it may seem! Here, your Niwot, CO vet offers you some help.

The Hiding Trick

The easiest way of getting your dog to swallow his medication is by hiding it in food. Try putting the pill into the center of a glob of canned dog food, inside of a soft treat, or wrapping it up in a small roll of deli meat, like turkey or ham. Now, offer the food to your dog. Unless he is extremely picky, he’ll most likely gobble up the treat without ever realizing there was medication inside!

The Tossing Trick

Does your pooch like catching morsels in mid-air when they’re tossed to him? You can use this to your advantage when it comes to administering medication in pill form. In one hand, grab a couple of dog treats. In the other, hold your dog’s pill. Call your dog and begin tossing a few treats so that he can catch them in his mouth. In the middle of the stream of treats, toss the pill. With luck, your dog won’t know the difference!

Crushing or Grinding

In some instances, you can crush or grind up a pill, which allows you to sprinkle it over or stir it into your dog’s wet or dry food. You should always check with your veterinarian before doing this, however, as it isn’t recommended in every case. Sometimes, grinding up a pill into powder will render it ineffective. Another possibility—especially likely with pills designed to be released slowly into the system—is that consuming medication that has been crushed will cause a dangerous overdose when too much of the medication is administered at one time.

Check for Chewables

Did you know that some varieties of common canine medications and supplements now come in chewable and/or flavored forms? These are usually formulated to taste just like a normal dog treat, so dogs typically gobble them up without a second thought. Check with your veterinary professional to see if the medications your dog needs come in chewable or flavored forms.

Your Niwot, CO veterinarian is here to answer any further questions you have about your dog’s medications. Call the office today!

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