Fun Ways to Exercise Your Dog While Indoors

Sometimes, it’s easier to stay indoors to exercise your pooch. Perhaps it’s cold outside, or the weather simply won’t allow it. Below, your Niwot, CO vet gives you a few suggestions for getting your dog moving while remaining in the comfort of your own home.

Stair Workout

Do you live in a home with a staircase? You have a natural exercise machine built right in! Gather a few dog toys or treats, then head to the top of the stairs. Call your dog to you and have him bound up the stairs. Reward him with a treat or his toy, then reverse the process. Stair runs give your dog a great workout—in fact, running uphill in this manner utilizes different muscle groups than those that are used while running along a flat plane.

Hallway Run

If your home has a hallway, you can use it as a makeshift dog run. Before beginning, remove any obstacles that are breakable or valuable and place them elsewhere. Then, toss your dog’s toys down the length of the hall and have your dog run after them. Repeat the process until your dog is getting a fantastic cardio workout. Of course, give your dog a break if you think he’s getting winded.

Hide-and-Seek Fun

Hide-and-seek is a good exercise method because it doesn’t only work out your dog’s body; it works out his brain, keeping the mind engaged and active. Begin by hiding a few pet treats in various nooks and crannies around the house. Then, call your dog to you and lead him on a quest to find the hidden treasure. You can even have other family members stationed around the house, calling to your pooch to entice him. With any luck, your dog will absolutely love darting around to find the hidden morsels!

Classic Dog Games

Don’t forget about classic dog games. If you have space in a basement room and can move furniture around a bit to make an open play space, you’re all set to engage in an old-fashioned tug-of-war match or a game of fetch. Always check your dog’s toys to make sure they don’t contain small, breakable pieces that could be choked on or swallowed, and let your dog rest if they appear to be wearing themselves out.

Would you like more fun suggestions for exercising your dog while staying indoors? Call your Niwot, CO animal hospital today.

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