Five Ways to Keep Your Cat’s Dental Health in Check

February is Dental Health Month—how is your cat’s oral health looking lately? Use these tips from your Niwot, CO vet to keep your cat’s pearly whites in tip-top shape.

Quality Diet

Great dental health starts with a quality diet. Make sure your cat is eating a premium, nutritionally balanced feline diet that is appropriate for her weight, breed, and age. Remember: a senior cat has far different dietary needs than a kitten or even a middle-aged pet. Your veterinarian can recommend a great diet for your cat, so call the office today for advice.

Chew Toys and Cat Treats

Toys provide your cat with hours of fun, but they have another use as well—toys keep the gums and teeth strong and healthy, and scrape away plaque from the surface of the teeth before it’s allowed to harden into tartar. This is a good way to keep your cat’s teeth healthy in between dental cleanings.

Some cat treats are specially formulated to promote dental health. Consider feeding your cat treats of this type; ask your vet to recommend a good brand.

Oral Checkups

Try to sit down with your cat on a regular basis and get a look inside her mouth. We know—it’s easier said than done. You may want to wait until your cat is tired, and have another family member assist you. Take a look at the gums—they should be a healthy pink color, not excessively red or white. Also be sure to examine the teeth, and let your vet know if you see any cracks, misalignment, bleeding, swelling, or anything else that looks abnormal.

Brushing Your Cat’s Teeth

Brushing your cat’s teeth at home is one of the best ways to keep their dental health in peak condition. Pick up a feline-formulated toothpaste and a cat toothbrush at your local pet store or vet’s office. Slowly, introduce your cat to the paste and brush, perhaps using your finger to gently smear a bit on the teeth. Over time, you’ll be able to give each tooth a quick brush—try finishing off each one with a solid downward stroke to remove excess plaque.

Veterinary Visits

Of course, your cat should see her veterinarian regularly for her dental—and overall—health and well-being. Schedule regular appointments at your Niwot, CO veterinarian’s office to have your cat’s teeth cleaned professionally. Call the clinic today to get started!

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