How to Stop Your Dog From Eating Cat Food

Do you often find yourself trying to fend Fido away from Fluffy’s dish? You’re certainly not the only one! While dogs and cats can live together peacefully—and can sometimes even become best buds—that doesn’t mean everything will always go smoothly between them. After all, Man’s Best Friend is quite the opportunist when it comes to scoring food. He also happens to think that cat food is delicious. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Fido often seizes the chance to scarf down Fluffy’s leftovers. We are here to help! In this article, a Niwot, CO vet offers advice for keeping your dog out of the kitty’s bowl.

Feed Fluffy On A Schedule

Instead of free-feeding your cat, give your kitty her meals at set times. When your feline buddy is eating, take your canine pal for a walk, or go to a separate room and play with him. It may also help to feed Fido at the same time as Fluffy. Just be sure to consult your vet before making any changes to your feline friend’s diet, however.

Separate Dining Areas

Keep your kitty’s food in an area where your canine pal can’t reach it. You can use baby gates or cat doors to give Fluffy access while keeping Fido out. You can also put Fluffy’s bowls on a higher surface, such as a trunk or desk, though older kitties may need pet stairs for access.


Does Fido pick up commands easily? If so, you may be able to train your canine buddy to stay away from Fluffy’s food by teaching him the Leave It command. Training will take time and patience, but it’s well worth it. Ask your vet or a professional behaviorist for specific advice.


Technology to the rescue! There are now options for dog-proof feeding stations for Fluffy. You can also find automated dishes that respond to a microchip in your cat’s collar, so they only open when she approaches. Of course, you can also make Fluffy a private dining room by repurposing a plastic storage tote. Cut a cat-sized hole in the side for your feline pal to get through. You can then just remove the lid when you need access.

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