Keeping Your Cat Indoors

Is your feline friend allowed to go outdoors? If so, we strongly advise that you bring Fluffy indoors for good. While your adorable pet may love sunbathing in your driveway, cats face many serious dangers in the Great Outdoors. Read on as a local Niwot, CO veterinarian discusses keeping your furry pal inside.

Dangers Outdoor Cats Face

As soon as your furry friend sets those cute little paws outside, she is exposed to dangers from cars, predators, chemicals, weather, and other animals. Kitties that have outdoor access are also more likely to pick up parasites, or become lost, hurt, or even killed. And, if your furball hunts, Fluffy may also be a threat to local wildlife populations.

Bringing Fluffy In

In time, even former strays can be completely content with living indoors. After all, the life of a pampered housecat can be pretty luxurious! To make your home into a feline luxury mansion, just offer your furball plenty of beds, some fun toys, and a few pieces of kitty furniture. A good window view, and perhaps some cat grass to nibble on, will also help make Fluffy happy. Of course, kitties need love to truly thrive, so be sure to pay lots of attention to your feline pal. We recommend playing with your cat every day. This will burn off her excess energy, and satisfy her innate need to hunt. Afterwards, Fluffy may be a little tired, so she’ll be more interested in choosing her next napping spot than slipping out the door.

Convincing The Furball

While staying indoors is definitely in your adventurous pet’s best interests, if you try telling Fluffy that, you probably won’t get much of a response. You’ll have to rewire your furball’s brain a bit, and get her to stop wanting to go out. One of the best ways to do this is to make your kitty wary of the door. When your furball approaches the door, squirt her with water, or make a loud noise. These things won’t hurt your feline buddy, but they will startle her. Cats absolutely hate being startled, so a few incidents may make your furry pal rethink her opinions about approaching the door.

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