Doggy Paw Care Tips

Does your dog know how to Shake Paw? Fido can do some really cute tricks with those furry feet of his. Actually, your pup’s paws are crucial to his health and well-being. Taking good care of your canine buddy’s paws is very important! A local Niwot, CO vet discusses doggy paw care in this article.


Don’t let Fido’s claws get too long! Overgrown nails are quite uncomfortable for Man’s Best Friend. Fido may change his stride a bit to compensate. This can be very bad for your pet’s bones and joints, and can even lead or contribute to painful medical problems, such as hip dysplasia and arthritis. If you’re nervous about giving your furry friend a pawdicure, just call us to schedule a quick nail trim appointment.

Paw Inspection

Inspect Fido’s furry feet regularly. You’ll want to check for scrapes and cuts, heat, and/or swelling. Make sure your four-legged pal doesn’t have anything stuck between his toes. Keep an eye out for ticks as well: sometimes these unwanted hitchhikers latch onto dog’s paws.

Seasonal Hazards

In winter, Fido can get painful abrasions on his paws from walking on snow, salt, sand, ice, and/or chemical de-icing products. If your furry friend won’t go for wearing little booties, use paw wax to protect his feet, and choose pet-friendly de-icing agents. In summer, walking on hot surfaces, such as tar, can give your pet blisters. Keep your pup on soft ground. Doggy paw pads are especially delicate when they’re wet, so take extra care with your pooch after he’s been swimming. We also recommend wiping your canine buddy’s paws off with a damp cloth every day.

Toe Fur

Does your four-legged pal have those adorable tufts of fur between his toes? We know, these are really cute, but it’s best to keep them trimmed. Fido’s toe fur can get matted and gunky. This can be quite uncomfortable for your canine friend, and can make it hard for him to get traction on slippery surfaces.


Paw injuries are nothing to take lightly. If your dog gets a light nick, you can treat it yourself with antiseptic, but contact your vet for anything more than a very minor cut. You don’t want to risk Fido getting a paw infection!

Do you have any questions or concerns about caring for your dog? Call us, your Niwot, CO animal clinic, today!

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