Great Ways to Memorialize a Beloved Pet

One of the hardest things pet owners must face is the heartbreaking moment when it’s time to say goodbye to your furry friend. Losing a pet can be devastating emotionally. After all, pets are much more to us than furry roommates: they are beloved friends and companions, and a crucial part of many families. While nothing will make these final farewells any easier, there are some things you can to do honor the memory of your animal companion. A Niwot, CO vet lists a few great options below.

Plant A Garden

Plants and trees can make wonderful living memorials. Customize your pet’s memorial plants or garden by decorating pretty stones or large plant pots with paw prints and/or your pet’s name.

Paint Pottery

Many small businesses now offer DIY pottery painting. Choose a cute piece, and customize it in your pet’s memory. Then, put some of your pet’s things, like a leash and collar, inside it.

Write An Obituary

Write a customized obituary for your furry friend. You may find that writing the piece allows you to express yourself, and makes you feel better.


A scrapbook is a wonderful way to memorialize a dear animal friend. Start by adding some photos of your pet. You can also include your furry friend’s leash and collar, paperwork, and even a few small toys.

Digital Photo Album

A digital photo album is another great way to keep your pet’s memory alive. Get a nice one, and upload all of your favorite photos of your beloved pet.

Create Art

Create something in your little buddy’s memory. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece: just something that expresses your feelings. You can also consider commissioning a local artist to have a favorite photo painted as a portrait.

Help Other Animals

While no other animal can ever really replace a beloved furbaby, there are still countless numbers of sweet, lovable pets that desperately need homes. If you’re not quite ready to adopt another pet, consider doing something to help homeless pets. Donate to a local animal shelter or charity, or consider volunteering, or even fostering.

If you’ve recently lost a cherished pet, please accept our sincerest condolences. All of us here at your Niwot, CO animal clinic understand how strong the bond of love can be between people and animals, and how hard it is to say goodbye.

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