Your Dog’s Vaccinations

It’s August, and that means it’s Immunization Awareness Month. How much do you know about your dog’s essential vaccinations? Here, your Niwot, CO veterinarian goes over some of the basics.

Why Get My Dog Vaccinated?

On the whole, adult dogs who have been vaccinated as puppies are far healthier than those who were not. This is because vaccinations protect against some of the most dangerous, common, and contagious diseases that are out there. It’s far easier, less worrisome, and much more cost-effective to prevent these diseases via vaccination rather than treat them after the fact.

What Vaccines Does My Dog Need?

All puppies should receive the core vaccinations when they’re young. These vaccines are often administered together in a batch, and include those that protect against distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, parainfluenza, and rabies, among others. Ask your vet for more information on core vaccines.

Some dogs benefit from non-core vaccines, which help some dogs but aren’t necessary for all. It depends on exposure risk, pre-existing health concerns, environment, and other factors. One example of a non-core vaccine is the Bordetella vaccine, which protects against kennel cough; it may be helpful for a puppy who will commonly be boarded at a kennel later in life. Your veterinarian can tell you if your pooch may benefit from non-core vaccines like this one.

Do Vaccines Need Booster Shots?

Yes, most vaccinations will require booster shots in yearly intervals or in multi-year increments to remain effective over time. Many dog owners have their pup’s vaccines updated as necessary at one of their twice-yearly veterinary appointments. Call your vet’s office to talk about a long-term vaccination schedule.

Is There Any Risk of Side Effects?

While side effects from vaccination aren’t common, it is possible for your dog to display minor symptoms like low-grade fever and inflammation or muscle soreness at the injection site. These will almost always subside on their own within a day or two, but let your veterinarian know if you think your dog’s symptoms aren’t going away. Treatment may be needed to return your canine companion to full health.

How Do I Get My Dog Vaccinated?

Do you need to get your dog vaccinated to ensure a lifetime of health and happiness? Do you have more questions regarding the vaccinations that your pet needs? Make an appointment today to see your Niwot, CO veterinarian. We’re here to serve all of your pet-care needs!

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