New Year’s Resolutions from Helpful Cats

Happy New Year! If you have a kitty, your feline friend may help you ring in the new year by taking an extra-long nap, rubbing against your legs, or just meowing at you. Actually, Fluffy may very well want to help out around the house in 2017. Read on as a Niwot, CO vet lists some resolutions from helpful cats.

Assist With Changing The Sheets

We’re not sure why, but our feline buddies are often quite enthusiastic about helping their humans change the sheets. Fluffy’s ‘assistance’ often does more harm than good, but we’re guessing you’ll chuckle a bit as you move your helpful kitty out of the way.

Help With Giftwrapping

Another thing cats love helping with is giftwrapping. If you are working on the kitchen table, your furball may very well sit on one of the chairs, perhaps reaching out occasionally to lend a helping paw.

Ensure Proper Fur Distribution

Kitties are very thoughtful. Your sleepy furball may move around from nap to nap, thereby making sure that her cat hair is evenly spread out around your home. She may also politely sleep in baskets of fresh laundry to ensure that your clean clothes have all been properly furred.

Keep Coffee Table Clear

Another way your thoughtful kitty may help you around the house is by smacking small objects off your coffee and end tables, making sure those surfaces are clear.

Attack All Moths

Your furball will stay alert for intruding moths and spiders, and will immediately let you know if she sees something. That adorable alert-meow is really just one more way Fluffy tries to do her share around the house!

Help With Packing

Fluffy will no doubt be happy to help you with any packing or unpacking you have to do this year. Your considerate pet may sleep in your suitcase, and will immediately explore any empty boxes.

Fill The House With Love

Our feline pals are much more than furry little roommates. They are beloved friends and companions who complete our families and make our houses into homes. Your cat’s cute quirks, adorable meows, loving purrs, and hilarious habits will keep you smiling in 2017.

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