6 Great Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Cat

February is officially Spay/Neuter Awareness Month. If your cat hasn’t been fixed yet, we strongly advice that you get this done right away. Here, a local Niwot, CO veterinarian lists some reasons to get Fluffy spayed or neutered.

Fight Pet Overpopulation

Pet overpopulation is a very serious concern, and is a big reason there are so many cute furballs in shelters, desperately hoping for a forever home. By making sure that your feline pal doesn’t have unwanted litters, you’re ensuring that your kitty isn’t contributing to those numbers. No matter how adorable Fluffy’s kittens would be, there’s just no way that you can be sure all of her offspring—and their kittens—will always have loving homes.

Better Behaved Furball

Cats that have been spayed or neutered are typically much calmer and better behaved than intact kitties. This is a huge benefit to getting your pet fixed!

Reduced Chance of Spraying

Intact cats often spray to mark their territory. Needless to say, this habit doesn’t go over well with pet parents! Fortunately, getting your kitty fixed will greatly reduce the chances of this happening.

Healthier Kitty

There are many health benefits to spaying or neutering. Fluffy will have reduced chances of developing several types of cancer, including testicular and ovarian cancer. Ask your vet for more information about the benefits of getting your kitty fixed.

Fewer Escape Attempts

Cats that are intact often want to run off in search of love. This is very dangerous! Kitties are quite small, and are at risk from many hazards, including cars, weather, and predators. Our feline pals are much safer staying indoors. Once Fluffy has been fixed, she may not be as interested in trying to escape.

Bonus: No Kitty Love Songs

Cats have many skills: they are wonderful hunters and lap warmers, and they are great at leaving fur on our furniture. Unfortunately, our feline friends’ vocal skills are, well, a bit lacking, at least to human ears. If you get Fluffy fixed, you won’t have to listen to your kitty’s amorous love songs.


Spay/neuter surgery is very common. Complications are extremely rare, though not entirely unheard of. Be sure to follow your vet’s after-care instructions to the letter!

Is your kitty ready for spay/neuter surgery? Contact us! As your Niwot, CO animal clinic, we have been providing excellent veterinary care since 1946.

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