Helping a Rescued Bunny Adjust

Did you know that February is Adopt A Rescued Rabbit Month? If you are considering adopting a rescued bunny, you have our complete support! Read on as a local Niwot, CO vet offers some advice on helping your new pet settle in.


Floppy will need some time out of her cage every day. Bunnies are basically adorable little chewing machines, so before you let your furry buddy out to play, you’ll need to do some bunnyproofing. Cover, remove, or protect baseboards; furniture legs; toxic plants; medicines; chemicals; personal items, like shoes and purses; and anything small or sharp. You may want to bunnyproof a specific room, and use a baby gate to keep Floppy in it. Ask your vet for more information.


Making sure Floppy has a roomy, comfortable cage will go a long way towards keeping her content. The cage should give your bunny plenty of room to hop, stand up, stretch out, run around, and play, all without tripping over her belongings. Avoid cages with mesh or wire bottoms, as these can hurt your pet’s paws. You’ll need to add a safe, suitable substrate, such as aspen, a hidey-hole, a water bottle, and food dishes. You may also want to include a hayrack and litterbox. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Letting Floppy Adjust

When you bring Floppy home, give her time to adjust before you try to handle her. Your adorable pet may be very scared at first. Offering her toys and treats is a great way to build trust. It’s also important to speak to your furball in a friendly, gentle tone. Never punish or yell at your bunny, even if she does something wrong. Once your furry friend has settled in, you can address any training she needs.

Veterinary Care

Schedule an appointment with your vet. You’ll want to get Floppy a full exam, so your vet can check for any potential medical problems. If your bunny has not been spayed or neutered yet, we recommend getting this done right away. It’s important to make sure that your four-legged pal is current on recommended vaccines and parasite control. While you’re there, get some great tips on your new pet’s care and feeding needs.

Do you have questions about bunny care? Contact us, your Niwot, CO animal clinic, anytime! We’ve been here since 1946, and love providing excellent care!

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