Toxin Awareness for Your Indoor Pet

Did you know that March is Poison Prevention Awareness Month? Now is as good a time as any to discuss several pet toxins you may already have in your home! Keep your indoor pet safe with these tips from a Niwot, CO veterinarian:

Poisonous Plants

Did you know that many plants and flowers commonly kept indoors aren’t safe for pets? Some examples include lilies, dieffenbachia, various species of aloe plants, azalea, elephant ear, the jade tree, corn plants, and poinsettias. These plants, and many more, can prove toxic or irritating to both dogs and cats—always research your houseplant and flower choices to make sure they’re safe.

Human Foods

Garlic, onions, chives, leeks, scallions, shallots, chocolate, candy, gum, grapes and raisins, citrus fruits, macadamia nuts, salty items, fatty foods, avocado, alcohol… the list of potentially harmful human foods for pets goes on and on! Never leave harmful foods out on kitchen countertops or tables where pets might be able to gain access. Store them inside cabinets or the refrigerator instead. To be safe, keep your pet out of the kitchen entirely when preparing meals.


Everything from baby aspirin and cough syrup to prescription pills and antidepressants can harm a pet who manages to swallow too much. Since some pets might be able to chew right through a plastic bottle cap, it’s important to keep all medications safely stored away at all times. Never store your own medications alongside those of your pet, as mixing the two up could be quite dangerous.

Pesticide Products

If you use pesticides or rodenticides inside your home to ward off insects, small mammals, and the like, use caution. Keep in mind that these products are poisonous, and can harm our companion animals just as easily as insects and mice! Place and store pesticide products in areas that pets can’t reach, and consider using non-toxic pest-control options whenever possible.

Cleaning Supplies

Did you know that various household cleaning supplies—disinfectants, toilet bowl cleaner, carpet shampoo, furniture polish, solvents, and much more—can harm pets? You don’t want your animal friend ingesting any such product, so keep your supply closet closed tightly at all times to restrict pets’ access.

These aren’t the only pet poisons out there! It’s possible that you have even more harmful substances in your home. For more information on keeping your pet safe from toxins, call your Niwot, CO animal hospital today.

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