Pet First Aid

April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month! We know, no one likes to think of their furry pals getting hurt or injured. However, accidents can and do happen. That’s why we always urge our customers to err on the side of caution, and be prepared for anything. A local Longmont, CO vet discusses pet first aid below.

First Aid Kit

If you don’t have a first aid kit for your pet yet, this is a great time to get one. Start by getting a regular first aid kit. You can find them in most drugstores. Then, add some pet-specific items. Some things you may want to include are nonstick gauze, styptic powder, tweezers, blankets, a muzzle, a leash, blankets, and antiseptic spray. You may want to keep this kit in an emergency kit for your pet. Add a week’s worth of food, toys, treats, and medicine, as well as bedding. Keep copies of your pet’s medical records in the kit as well.

First Aid Instructions

We hope that it goes without saying that, if your furry buddy is ever hurt, you’ll seek immediate veterinary care. However, you may need to perform CPR or basic first aid before you can safely transport your animal companion. In an emergency situation, every second counts, so you don’t want to waste precious time trying to figure out what to do. Download some pet first aid apps to your phone. It’s also a good idea to buy a pet first aid brochure, book, or poster, and keep it in your pet’s first aid kit.


When it comes to our furry friends, an ounce of prevention can be worth several pounds of cure. A few basic precautions will really reduce the odder of your animal buddy getting hurt. If you have a dog, make sure your fencing is secure, so Fido can’t get out of the yard. We also recommend using self-latching gates. As for Fluffy, she’s much safer staying indoors, where she is protected from the dangers posed by cars, weather, wild animals, chemicals, and other hazards. Petproofing is also important. The exact steps you will need to take to make your home safe for your pet will vary depend on what kind of pet you have. Ask your vet for specific advice.

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